Lumi 8-Piece Nail Polish Color Lacquer Gift Set


I love painting my nails, but get easily bored with colors. This nail polish comes with a nice assortment of 8 colors, most of which are pretty awesome. It doesn’t have a super strong odor and it goes on smoothly. The dry time is about average as well. Once applied, it doesn’t chip easily and doesn’t come off in sheets when your hands get wet in the shower. This is a definite plus for me, since it seems like that always tends to happen. There are 4 colors that are vibrant, while 4 are more sheer after drying. Personally, I love the yellow, blue, orange, and pink because one coat covers my entire nail, is bright, and noticeable. I’m not such a huge fan of the other 4 colors. It would take many coats to make it noticeable and personally, I’m just not a huge fan of that. The opaqueness would probably look really nice over a solid color though to make it shimmery and opalescent or even on a child to just give their nails a hint of color without being too bold. While there could be some tweaks to the colors to make this better, overall it is still a nice set of polishes. I received this item at a deep discount to test and provide my opinion. This review is based on my own experiences and may differ from the views and experiences of others.

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