Colored Pencils, Set of 48, Adults & Kids, Triangular-shaped for Easy Grip, Pre-sharpened, Rich & Vibrant Unique Colors


I also have a video review available here.

I really love these colored pencils. As you can see from my video, they are easy to grip and have great color saturation. These aren’t just your average run of the mill colored pencils that you buy at the dollar store. The leads in these aren’t hard so you don’t get lots of streaks and they aren’t so soft that they are constantly breaking. I love the shape of the pencils themselves. After hours of coloring, my hands don’t cramp like they do with regular pencils, since the shape forces me to hold them as you should naturally grip writing utensils. The color variety that is included in this 48 count package has pretty much any color you could need whether you are coloring as a hobby, or someone who is a little more involved with their artwork. Each pencil is able to provide more than a single shade, so it is like you have many more than 48 colors. But, there are colors included for everything from hair and skin tones, to basic primary colors that a child would need for school. I have an almost 2 year old and she loves these colored pencils. They are shaped more like her starter crayons and she writes and draws much better with these, since they don’t constantly slip from her hands. I am a very happy customer and would definitely purchase more of these if they were available in larger variety packs. I received this item at a discount for evaluation purposes and all views expressed are my own from my personal experiences with this product.

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