Oskri Sweet and Salty Peanut Snack Bar – 53g – 5 Pack


I absolutely love protein bars, granola bars, and other snack bars of that sort. These peanut sweet and salty bars are delicious. My whole family loves them, even my toddler. The bars aren’t super hard like some of the bars are, and are actually a bit chewy, with the exception of the peanut halves. I do feel like they were a little softer than peanuts you would just eat out of the package, but not soggy or crumbly. These bars maintain their shape pretty well while you eat them and don’t fall apart and make a mess, even at the hands of a two year old. They hit all the right tastes on my palate, saltiness from the peanuts, and sweetness from the glaze that holds the bar together. There really aren’t any other add-ins. So if you like peanuts, you’ll love these. They are a little calorie dense for such a small bar, but there are 8 grams of protein as well. So if you’re looking for a way to slip more protein in your diet, these are a nice little treat that has protein as an added bonus. For being a salty treat, they don’t have much sodium overall per bar, and they do have some fiber. The sugar content is also a bit lower than many of the traditional granola bars out there, so that’s a huge plus, especially for someone who is trying to watch their sugar intake. My biggest complaint is that there are only 5 per box. I love these things and wish they came in a larger economy pack. I received this item at a discount to try and give my honest opinion. All the views expressed in this review are mine and may differ from the opinions of others.

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