Makeup Remover Towelettes 60 count – Cleansing Wipes For Eyes and Face, Infused With Vitamin A, C, E & Aloe Vera – 60 Count, Full Size – By French Nerds



My facial skin is very sensitive, so I have to be careful about the products I choose to use. I am in love with these French Nerd makeup removing wipes. They are thicker than a tissue or baby wipe and really stand up to the tough job of getting mascara and heavy foundations completely off my face. One wipe will get the job done, even if your makeup is heavy. These makeup removing wipes aren’t really wet, but they have more of a damp feel, very similar to the wetness of a traditional baby wipe. They don’t really seem to have a scent and are actually pretty soft. I love how they make my skin feel after using them – soft and refreshed. I like the snap closure on the top of the package that keeps these wipes from drying out and it is easy to open and close. Since it only takes one, this package will last me for a long time. Also, just let me add that these wipes are not tested on animals, so I love them even more. That is definitely a huge plus in my book! I got these wipes at a discount to give my honest feedback. These are my thoughts on the product and may differ from the thoughts and feelings of others.

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