Emmzoe Diaper Changing Mat Pad Storage Pockets – Travel On-the-Go Super Lightweight, Portable, Water Resistance (Black)


This diaper mat is pretty awesome. I love that it folds up making it easy for travel and storage when not in use. The fact that there are two zippered pockets inside allowing me to store diapers and wipes makes the need for a diaper bag on short trips, pretty much  pointless. The zippers glide open and close easily without much effort and the pockets are deep enough that it would easily hold multiple diapers and a full pack of diaper wipes. There is a velcro strap that keeps the mat, which is fairly large, closed up into a nice little rectangle. The mat is made of a material that easily wipes clean and there is a small padded portion making it more comfortable for your infant or toddler when it comes time to change them. I love that I can use this on any surface, whether it is one of the fold down changing stations in a public bathroom or basically any solid surface. I love the sanitary factor of this mat. It makes me not have to worry about the germs on the station from the child who was changed there before mine. My only complaint about this mat is that I feel like it needs just a bit more padding, instead of just one small rectangle, I think it would be beneficial to have padding straight down the middle of the mat. This would make it more comfortable on my child. Overall it is a nice mat for the price and a real convenience. I did receive this mat at a discounted price to give my honest feedback. My rating is based purely on my own experiences with the product and may differ from the views of others.

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