Best Popsicle Molds by The Kitchen Paradise TM, 100% BPA FREE & Dishwasher Safe Tupperware Quality 6-piece Repeat Use Tropical Blue Plastic Ice Pop Mold Set. Includes Stable Tray & Drip Guard


I am slowly becoming a mom who is a total health nut. I’d much rather make homemade popsicles, pudding pops, and frozen yogurt bars than buy them, since I know when I make them from scratch, I can cut down on sugar and know exactly what my 18 month old daughter is eating. These popsicle molds are the best. They are made of a heavy duty plastic and the lids snap on and stay sealed while the product inside is freezing. I love that these have a tray with them that the pop molds sit in for when they are freezing. It is a much better design than the ones that are only composed of a solid single mold and lids. The sticks that the pop freezes on to have 3 holes that allow more space for the popsicle liquid to freeze and adhere to. Something else great about these molds, especially with a toddler, is that you can re-cap these popsicles since they are individual molds instead of the solid piece I was mentioning before. These are bright colored, easy to clean, and durable. The size of the stick that you hold on to is also great for children, it is short but on the chunkier side, so it’s not like a regular wooden stick. My toddler and I both love these! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product.

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