Gogogu Desktop Cable Organizer, Multipurpose Cable Clips, Cord Management System Cord Holder, Black, Set of 6


My computer desk is always a mess with cords. These cable organizers were a pretty quick fix to this problem. They come 6 to a pack and are made of a pliable silicone. You can fit multiple cords in each side, but at least 2 on each organizer. The back of each organizer has a sticky adhesive pad that you peel the backing from and stick in place. The upside to these is that they make organization of cords simple. They can be used in other places besides on the desk, anywhere that you need cords to be separated, really. Another perfect use for these is not peeling the backing off and using them to keep laptop cords separate by just running the cords through them and leaving them not stuck to anything. The biggest thing I don’t like about these is that once you stick them in place they are stuck there. If you remove them, the sticky backing no longer will adhere in place again. So be sure if you’re putting it in place, that it is exactly where you want it and that you press firmly to apply. I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product.

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