Cute Accents for Delicious Desserts

KwikCake Mini Christmas Cupcake Wrappers x 50pcs. Choose from 2 Xmas holders


With the holidays coming up, I am always on the lookout for cute accessories to accentuate the treats that I pour lots of love, heart, and soul into. I could not pass up these adorable cupcake wrappers. They are flexible and easy to wrap and secure around a regular size cupcake. The cutouts are clear and easy to distinguish that the designs are snowflakes, snowmen, trees, and reindeer. My absolute favorite aspect of these liners is the shimmery paper they are cut on, which just gives them an iridescence that automatically reminds me of Christmas and fresh fallen snow. No matter how you look at them, they sparkle. Once secured in place, they stay put. They don’t slip and slide or continuously pop off of your cupcakes, like many I have tried in the past. They are quick to apply and just as quick to remove when you are ready to dig in. I think I will order the other design to have a variety during the holidays and if you want your cupcakes looking holiday ready, you should too! I received this product at a discount for testing purposes and all views expressed are based on my own experience with the product.

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Awesome Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils, Set of 48, Adults & Kids, Triangular-shaped for Easy Grip, Pre-sharpened, Rich & Vibrant Unique Colors


I also have a video review available here.

I really love these colored pencils. As you can see from my video, they are easy to grip and have great color saturation. These aren’t just your average run of the mill colored pencils that you buy at the dollar store. The leads in these aren’t hard so you don’t get lots of streaks and they aren’t so soft that they are constantly breaking. I love the shape of the pencils themselves. After hours of coloring, my hands don’t cramp like they do with regular pencils, since the shape forces me to hold them as you should naturally grip writing utensils. The color variety that is included in this 48 count package has pretty much any color you could need whether you are coloring as a hobby, or someone who is a little more involved with their artwork. Each pencil is able to provide more than a single shade, so it is like you have many more than 48 colors. But, there are colors included for everything from hair and skin tones, to basic primary colors that a child would need for school. I have an almost 2 year old and she loves these colored pencils. They are shaped more like her starter crayons and she writes and draws much better with these, since they don’t constantly slip from her hands. I am a very happy customer and would definitely purchase more of these if they were available in larger variety packs. I received this item at a discount for evaluation purposes and all views expressed are my own from my personal experiences with this product.

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Organyc Anti-Aging Night Cream Moisturizer With Peptides And Retinol Reduces Wrinkles Firms Lifts Smoothes And Hydrates The Skin On the Face Neck and Decollete Offering Long-Term Angi Aging Benefits


The skin on my face is really sensitive. This can really become a hassle when searching for face products to contend with my oily and dry combination skin. My cheeks, under my eyes, always have large dry patches; while my forehead, nose, and chin are super oily and prone to breakouts. With the drier fall air arriving and the winter air on the way, my dry skin is at an all time high. I decided to give this moisturizer a try not only to tackle my dry skin (and hopefully not break out my face), but also to get a grip on the lines I’ve started noticing on my face. There isn’t much of a scent to this moisturizer and it is actually surprisingly thick. It easily comes out of the attached pump, without much effort and a small amount goes a long way. When applied it spreads evenly and doesn’t feel greasy or oily when it dries. While I haven’t noticed much of a change in the lines on my face, it has helped some with my dry skin. It hasn’t caused my face to break out like many other moisturizers, and it doesn’t make my skin feel heavy. I do still have dry patches, but this moisturizer has allowed me to start wearing makeup again since it isn’t quit so flaky. So, I can’t say that the product does 100% what it is intended to do as far as anti-aging, but as a facial moisturizer, it does a pretty good job and I have only been using it once per day. Hopefully as I continue to use it, it will keep helping me deal with the super dry skin on my face. I received this product at a discount for testing purposes. The opinions and views expressed are from my own personal experiences with the product and may differ from the views and opinions of others.

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Nail Polish with Variety

Lumi 8-Piece Nail Polish Color Lacquer Gift Set


I love painting my nails, but get easily bored with colors. This nail polish comes with a nice assortment of 8 colors, most of which are pretty awesome. It doesn’t have a super strong odor and it goes on smoothly. The dry time is about average as well. Once applied, it doesn’t chip easily and doesn’t come off in sheets when your hands get wet in the shower. This is a definite plus for me, since it seems like that always tends to happen. There are 4 colors that are vibrant, while 4 are more sheer after drying. Personally, I love the yellow, blue, orange, and pink because one coat covers my entire nail, is bright, and noticeable. I’m not such a huge fan of the other 4 colors. It would take many coats to make it noticeable and personally, I’m just not a huge fan of that. The opaqueness would probably look really nice over a solid color though to make it shimmery and opalescent or even on a child to just give their nails a hint of color without being too bold. While there could be some tweaks to the colors to make this better, overall it is still a nice set of polishes. I received this item at a deep discount to test and provide my opinion. This review is based on my own experiences and may differ from the views and experiences of others.

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Yummy, Peanut Goodness

Oskri Sweet and Salty Peanut Snack Bar – 53g – 5 Pack


I absolutely love protein bars, granola bars, and other snack bars of that sort. These peanut sweet and salty bars are delicious. My whole family loves them, even my toddler. The bars aren’t super hard like some of the bars are, and are actually a bit chewy, with the exception of the peanut halves. I do feel like they were a little softer than peanuts you would just eat out of the package, but not soggy or crumbly. These bars maintain their shape pretty well while you eat them and don’t fall apart and make a mess, even at the hands of a two year old. They hit all the right tastes on my palate, saltiness from the peanuts, and sweetness from the glaze that holds the bar together. There really aren’t any other add-ins. So if you like peanuts, you’ll love these. They are a little calorie dense for such a small bar, but there are 8 grams of protein as well. So if you’re looking for a way to slip more protein in your diet, these are a nice little treat that has protein as an added bonus. For being a salty treat, they don’t have much sodium overall per bar, and they do have some fiber. The sugar content is also a bit lower than many of the traditional granola bars out there, so that’s a huge plus, especially for someone who is trying to watch their sugar intake. My biggest complaint is that there are only 5 per box. I love these things and wish they came in a larger economy pack. I received this item at a discount to try and give my honest opinion. All the views expressed in this review are mine and may differ from the opinions of others.

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Convenient Diaper Changing on the Go

Emmzoe Diaper Changing Mat Pad Storage Pockets – Travel On-the-Go Super Lightweight, Portable, Water Resistance (Black)


This diaper mat is pretty awesome. I love that it folds up making it easy for travel and storage when not in use. The fact that there are two zippered pockets inside allowing me to store diapers and wipes makes the need for a diaper bag on short trips, pretty much  pointless. The zippers glide open and close easily without much effort and the pockets are deep enough that it would easily hold multiple diapers and a full pack of diaper wipes. There is a velcro strap that keeps the mat, which is fairly large, closed up into a nice little rectangle. The mat is made of a material that easily wipes clean and there is a small padded portion making it more comfortable for your infant or toddler when it comes time to change them. I love that I can use this on any surface, whether it is one of the fold down changing stations in a public bathroom or basically any solid surface. I love the sanitary factor of this mat. It makes me not have to worry about the germs on the station from the child who was changed there before mine. My only complaint about this mat is that I feel like it needs just a bit more padding, instead of just one small rectangle, I think it would be beneficial to have padding straight down the middle of the mat. This would make it more comfortable on my child. Overall it is a nice mat for the price and a real convenience. I did receive this mat at a discounted price to give my honest feedback. My rating is based purely on my own experiences with the product and may differ from the views of others.

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Easy Organizational Solution

[Top Rated Chalkboard Labels] 60 Vinyl Blackboard Stickers (3.5” x 2”) in 3 Elegant Designs Are Ideal for Kitchen, Crafts, Weddings & More. Removable, Erasable & Entirely Customizable!


Since I had my daughter, I have found the need to organize and label everything. These chalkboard stickers are great for that plus so many more DIY projects. This package includes 60 stickers in three different designs. These seem to be the perfect size for everything you could possibly use them for around the house. I have been using them not only to organize my kitchen canisters, but also my daughter’s out of season totes and accessories. The particular set I purchased did not include a chalk marker, as I already had some, however you can purchase a set that also includes one white marker. The stickers are easy to write on and the chalk doesn’t wipe off easily if you just brush against it. If you want to re-use the sticker and erase what is written, you simply take a damp rag to it, and it will wipe completely clean and be ready for it’s next use. To keep my daughter from trying to take my chalk markers, I also gave her a sheet to just doodle on with chalk and they work great for that too. The back adheres to pretty much any surface and doesn’t bubble up. Overall, I am very happy with these stickers and can’t wait to see what else I can find to do with them in the future. To Pinterest I go! I did receive these stickers at a discount to provide my honest opinion. My results are based solely on my own experience with the product and may differ from the views and thoughts of others.
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French Nerds Make-up Removing Wipes

Makeup Remover Towelettes 60 count – Cleansing Wipes For Eyes and Face, Infused With Vitamin A, C, E & Aloe Vera – 60 Count, Full Size – By French Nerds



My facial skin is very sensitive, so I have to be careful about the products I choose to use. I am in love with these French Nerd makeup removing wipes. They are thicker than a tissue or baby wipe and really stand up to the tough job of getting mascara and heavy foundations completely off my face. One wipe will get the job done, even if your makeup is heavy. These makeup removing wipes aren’t really wet, but they have more of a damp feel, very similar to the wetness of a traditional baby wipe. They don’t really seem to have a scent and are actually pretty soft. I love how they make my skin feel after using them – soft and refreshed. I like the snap closure on the top of the package that keeps these wipes from drying out and it is easy to open and close. Since it only takes one, this package will last me for a long time. Also, just let me add that these wipes are not tested on animals, so I love them even more. That is definitely a huge plus in my book! I got these wipes at a discount to give my honest feedback. These are my thoughts on the product and may differ from the thoughts and feelings of others.

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Earn Free Gift Cards

So, since I’m always posting Amazon reviews, I thought it might be neat to share how I have started earning gift cards to put toward my Amazon obsession. A friend of mine recommended to me the other day and I’m already hooked. It is so simple and with a little time, you can easily earn points that you can redeem for gift cards (not just Amazon ones). If you’re interested, here is my referral link. It’s super easy to sign up and it takes no time at all to cash out! Think of early Christmas shopping! If you’re interested, click the link below to sign up! 🙂

How do I get Amazon Gift Cards?

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